Video Production in Wellington

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Good video production in Wellington is relatively easy to find. Most of the companies you’ll find online are individuals who pride themselves on doing all of the work themselves. While they are usually highly skilled, you don’t necessarily want to work with someone who is a one-man band. A good video production company should have a solid team of creatives and technicians who can deliver a superior end result.

Often corporations and individuals make the mistake of going with concepts or ideas that don’t reveal that much about why they matter or are different from others in their industry. The content is somewhat soulless. Often the burden of the creative is on the client’s shoulders. I love to play ‘creative detective’ and find out as much as possible about the client, their story, what they want to visually and emotionally convey in the final product and make sure it delivers on all points.

My name is James Wvinner and I’m a 20 odd year veteran of directing and producing content. I am an award-winning TV commercials director who now loves working with video as the technology has advanced so much. I honed my skills in the industry in Los Angeles, Chicago and Toronto, working with a large variety of clients both large and small. My greatest passion is making still and moving images that tell a story in the most succinct yet visually memorable way as possible. I have a great team behind me that can scale to any sized project needed. We also provide editing services as well so if you have footage that needs refinement, we can do that too. I moved from Los Angeles to the Marlborough area as a lifestyle choice and will travel for the right project. If you have something you’d like to discuss, please call me at 022 344 6992 or email James@MProductions.Co.NZ. For examples of my video work, click here.