Video Production in Palmerston North

Video Production Palmerston North

Finding a good video production company in Palmerston North can be tricky. The key is to find a company that doesn’t  just tell you it delivers results but can show it.

A good, creative video production company should have their work readily accessible.

One of the challenges of choosing a video production company is that the company may have many good technicians on their team but few real creatives. No matter what you need shooting, you’d hope it would be done with some flair. Such content has longevity and helps to create impact with your brand.

Our company has the perfect blend of the creative with solid technical know-how. I love to play the ‘creative detective’ with clients to make sure their video concept is solid and helps serve their purposes. I have directed hundreds of TV commercials and worked with numerous marketing agencies so I understand how to take a client’s concept and make it a reality, no matter how big or small.

My name is James Wvinner and I’m a director/producer/videographer with over 25 years experience in creating media. I moved from Los Angeles to the Marlborough region as a lifestyle choice. I’m an expert in on-location shooting and have a great team with whom I work with regularly. We can travel to any part of NZ for the right project.  If you have any queries about video production services, please contact me at James@MProductions.Co.NZ or phone 022 344 6992. Editing services are also available. For examples of my video work, please click here.