Video Production in Napier

video production napier

Napier, New Zealand is an awesome little city in Hawke’s Bay, on the East Coast of New Zealand. It’s one of our favorite cities in the North Island because of it’s unique Art Deco architecture and it’s beautiful, settled climate.

Shooting on location is one of our specialties.  We love to play ‘creative detective’ beforehand to make sure the video concept is solid and serves the client’s purpose in not only sharing factual information but building their brand. Having directed hundreds of TV commercials and worked with numerous marketing agencies, we understand the importance of a strong concept, how to break that down into a compelling shot list and then executing on it to bring the story you want to tell to life.

What we find interesting in working in smaller centers is that the people who work in film there are often very resourceful and know the lay of the land well. Shooting at the best times of the day is key in transforming a piece of film from ordinary to memorable. No post-production trickery can make up for overly flat or poorly composed images.

For larger projects, getting additional crew is fairly easy. Napier is a one-hour flight from Auckland and less than fifty minutes flight from Wellington. It is also accessible by car; about 5.5 hours away from Auckland and 4 hours away from Wellington.

My name is James Wvinner and I am an award-winning director/producer based in Marlborough.  I am an expert in shooting on-location and have shot from everywhere from soundstages in Hollywood, to the Wild West of the US with real cowboys, to gorgeous wine country locations in NZ.  I have worked on a vast variety of budgets from ninety person crews to micro-sized. My team and I can also edit your projects.  Film making and conceptualizing ideas with clients to realize their vision, are my passions. If you have any queries about video production, please don’t hesitate to contact me at james@MProductions.Co.NZ or phone 022 344 6992. We can also provide editing services if required. For examples of my award-winning video work, click here.