Video Production in Hamilton

Video Production Hamilton

Technology and drones have made video production in Hamilton, NZ relatively accessible.  Technology can be a double-edged sword in that way. It means quality images are more readily available and the cost of production has gone down but it also means there are more technicians out there, rather than story tellers and film makers creating video content. If you’re choosing a quality video production company, that can be a mistake.

Good video production is much more than yet another aerial shot of a beautiful landscape with the sun directly overhead. It’s about telling a story that you want with relevant, visual details that somehow create an emotion. It’s important to know what emotions combined with what other qualities you want your video to convey about your brand before shooting a single frame.

My name is James Wvinner and I’m a filmmaker and videographer based in Marlborough.  I re-located from the States to NZ as a lifestyle choice. I’m a 20 year veteran of film and video; having directed hundreds of TV commercials and directed and produced hundreds of hours of other content. I am very experienced with working with different sized projects from just myself and assistant shooting a video to heading large film crews. My passion is creating great videos that are memorable and visually arresting. I can work within a wide variety of budgets and will travel for the right project. If you have video project you’d like to talk about, please contact me. My email is James@MProductions.Co.NZ or call me at 022 344 6992. I also have editing services available. To check out my work, click here.