Professional Photography And Commercial Photography in Auckland

Professional Photographer Auckland

Professional photography in Auckland is of a fairly high standard. Successful images come from rapport with the subject, timing and shooting a ton of images to get that memorable one. Often towards the end of a shoot is when I get the most relaxed and confident pictures.

I have shot close to a thousand different subjects over the years, from Hollywood celebrities to spiritual and business thought leaders, to gangsters to everyday people. After shooting so many different individuals, I realize we all want the same things ;to be recognized and seen and appreciated. Good photographers will do that in spoken and unspoken ways.

Good commercial photography has to walk that line between the controlled and the organic. A sense of timing is everything, plus an unerring eye for composition. This is something that comes with years of practice.

Lighting is absolutely critical. I like to use a soft yet crisp light, similar to how the Old Masters’ painting studios used to be. When I studied photography at the renowned Arts Center of Pasadena many years ago, the old school skills were drummed into you, such as knowing how to expose an image when you were taking it using a light meter, what kinds of looks that were available and how they fit into different contexts. These are all readily available now with technology. I believe there is no better time to be an experienced photographer than right now, because these technological advancements make what I know is possible so much easier to achieve.

My name is James Wvinner and I have been taking pictures for over 25 years. Creating memorable photos is my passion. I am currently based in the Marlborough region and will travel for the right project. If you have a concept you’d like to discuss, please contact me at James@MProductions.Co.NZ or call 022 344 6992. To see examples of my work, please click here.