Photographer and Headshots in Hamilton

Photographer and headshots Hamilton

Despite the advances in technology that make it relatively easy to create decent images, a good photographer can be tricky to find. Photography is so much more than a technically competent image. The best photos capture an indefinable moment in time; enshrining a fleeting moment where the subject’s essence comes to the fore.  This can only be done with excellent rapport between photographer and subject, lighting, knowing the best angles to shoot from and shooting lots and lots of photos.

Headshots are often offered as an afterthought in most photographic businesses but these can be the most difficult of all to do well. The vast majority of people are not comfortable in front of the camera and often have a limited time frame to shoot in. I find shooting subjects in their own environment produces the best results. For women, having their hair down around the face is the most flattering. Lighting is absolutely critical. I like to use a soft yet crisp wrap around light to bring out people’s cheekbones and the luster of their hair.

My name is James Wvinner and I’ve had over 20 years experience shooting portraits and headshots from celebrities in the US to business and spiritual leaders to everyday people.  I’m currently based in Marlborough after moving from Los Angeles as a lifestyle choice. I studied photography the old fashioned way, decades  before the digital revolution and am an expert in lighting. If you have a project you’d like to discuss, please feel free to get in touch with me at James@MProducitions.Co.NZ or phone 022 344 6992. To see examples of my work, please click here.