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Photographer Palmerston North

A photographer who specializes in portrait and commercial photography can be tricky to find in Palmerston North. Plenty of photographers offer wedding photography but very few concentrate on these very specialized areas of photography. If you’re looking for a highly experienced commercial photographer, you have come to the right place.

I learned photography the old school way, before the digital revolution (which I must admit, I do love). Lighting is one of my strengths. I like to use a soft, yet crisp light as close to the Old Masters’ painting studios – when artists’ studios were naturally lit using an indirect yet clear light. This brings out the natural beauty (texture, shape, lines) of a subject. For shooting inanimate objects, the lighting is the same but the angles change according to variables like size or shape.

Beware of photographers who rely on too many post-production wizardry with their final images. I find especially with photos of people, it can deaden the face, skin and eyes. Re-touching is something I do do, but the image has been correctly lit in the first place so the need is minimal.

I also love shooting landscapes and locations. My favorite time of the day to shoot is at ‘magic hour’; the time right around sunrise or sunset.  The tonal range for black and white and colour pictures is amazing at that time.

My name is James Wvinner and I’m a photographer with over two decades of experience. My passion is making stunning and memorable imagery. I have worked with celebrities in the US to spiritual and business leaders to everyday people as well as shooting a multitude of different landscapes. I am based in Marlborough and can travel to any part of NZ for the right project. Contact me at James@MProductions.Co.NZ or call me at 022 344 6992. For examples of my work, click here.