Commercial Photography in Christchurch

commercial photography christchurch

Commercial photography is of a pretty high standard in Christchurch. The most successful images show a high level of rapport with the photographer. Faces are relaxed. When people are more at ease, it is easier to capture their essence and create something memorable and along the lines of what they want.

Having shot hundreds if not close to a thousand people over the two decades or so I have been shooting, you realize that people are very similar. From shooting celebrities like Woody Harrelson in the States, to spiritual and business leaders, to the kids and families who live down the street; we all want one thing. To be recognized and appreciated as unique.

Nowadays it is relatively easy to master the technical side of photography with technology making high quality images pretty easy to achieve. That is both good and bad.  When choosing a commercial photographer, make sure they have a proven track record of delivering quality. Talk to them on the phone. Are they genuinely interested in hearing from you? Are they enthusiastic? Do they love the creative process? On the other side, are they reliable and understand deadlines? Make it easy to choose photos because they’re great editors? These are all things to keep in mind when you are choosing a good provider of commercial photography.

My name is James Wvinner and I’m a long time commercial, portrait and landscape photographer based in Marlborough. I come from a background in advertising and moved from Los Angeles to this beautiful region as a lifestyle choice. I absolutely love making beautiful images and will travel nationwide for the right project. My contact information is james@MProductions.Co.NZ , phone 022 344 6992. To see examples of my work, please click here.