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Christchurch is a city where the old and the new converge quite unlike the other main centres in NZ. After the earthquakes, it is estimated that the rebuild is almost half way there. Videography in Christchurch has been growing as businesses have been coming back. And like the city, good videography is a mixture of the old and the new.

Good video production in Christchurch can be hard to find. My advice would be not to use a company that has a bunch of technicians listed with no creative head. Good videography is not just being able to use the latest equipment and having the end result be technically sound. No amount of whizz bang post effects, jazzy music or portentous voice-over can make up for ordinary footage that has no point. You need to be able to find a video production company who can tell a story.  Ideally there is s someone on their team who has a proven track record in directing and producing so they are familiar with what goes on behind and in front of the camera. Someone who thinks visually and can bring out the emotion of what needs to be conveyed in an impactful yet subtle way.

My name is James Wvinner and I’m an award-winning director/producer based in Marlborough. I re-located from Los Angeles to live in NZ as a lifestyle choice. I now have a boutique film and video production company, MProductions. My work has won several industry awards in the US and I am very experienced with working on different sized projects; from 90 person crews to micro-shoots with just myself and an assistant.  No matter the size of the project, I love to play ‘creative detective’ and find out exactly what story you want to tell and then do my very best to create a visual plan as to what we need to shoot and then deliver the highest quality final product.  If you have a concept you’d like to discuss, I would love to hear from you. You can email me at James@MProductions.Co.NZ or call me at 022 344 6992. We also provide editing services as well if you have footage you need to get into shape. For examples of my work, click here.